Green Entrepreneurship methodology

2015 · Design and development of a lean methodology for Green Entrepreneurship in the MENA (Middle East & Nortern Africa). It is structured in two main documents: the Handbook & the Workbook. Extra materials are available to support the process of creating a new Green Business. The program is training (actually mid-2016) 2400 entrepreneurs of the region in order to support the 45 best initiative by 2017.

Download the methodology here

The SWITCH‐Med initiative is a regional multi‐component programme funded by the EU. It will be implemented through collaborative efforts by the EU, UNIDO, UNEP/MAP‐SCP/RAC and UNEP‐DTIE.

The overall objective of the SWITCH‐Med initiative is to facilitate the shift toward Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in the Southern Mediterranean Region. Namely in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Palestinian Occupied Territories (POT), Jordan and Lebanon.